LifeGuard Health Launches New CARDIOPLUS Omega Benefits Using Enzymotec’s CardiaBeat(TM)

LifeGuard Health ( ) and Enzymotec today announced the launch of a new advanced Omega-3 based product. The new product, CARDIOPLUS Omega Benefits, combines LifeGuard’s high EPA ratio Omega-3 fatty acids with Enzymotec’s CardiaBeatTM product. This combination creates a leading edge product that offers a comprehensive approach to improving the lipid profile.

CardiaBeatTM is a novel combination of plant sterols and Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) in which the Omega-3s are conjugated to plant sterols to offer broader cardiovascular benefit. Earlier this year, it won the NutrAward for best new ingredient.

“Life Gurad’s new CardioPlus product includes Omega 3 oils in 3:1 ratio for EPA to DHA in a high purity triglyceride form. These two elements provide greater cardiovascular benefits due to the properties of EPA," said Dr. Micahel Gross, LifeGuard’s CMO. “The addition of CardiaBeatTM to this specialized Omega 3 fish oil, creates the finest cardio-protective product available and further strengthens our commitment to providing the highest quality, medically based products” concludes Dr. Gross. .

Life Guard is an emerging player of condition-specific products through a physician based distribution channel. A close integration with physician partners enables Life Guard to tailor specific products for particular medical specialties.

Enzymotec ( is an Israeli biotech company that seeks to provide branded companies with a better value proposition in three main areas of nutrition: CVD management, improving cognitive performance and balanced nutrition for babies. This is done by taking well established supplements to the next level of efficacy through conjugation or modified process, which enhance their effect. The company also invests significant resources in clinical trials, regulatory affairs and patent protection while ensuring highest quality standards.

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