National Bioscience Corporation Attains Exclusive Rights To Xanthigen Patent-Pending Weight Loss Ingredient From Deep-Sea Water Cultivated Marine Vegetables

Leading European Dietary Supplement Manufacturer POLINAT SL Signs
Agreement With National Bioscience Corporation USA To Market
Xanthigen™ -A New Fat Loss Marine Supplement

Bioscience Corporation (NBC), Chester, NY announced today that they have attained
exclusive worldwide rights to an exciting new patent-pending product Xanthigen™
(proprietary extracts of deep-sea water cultivated marine vegetable extracts standardized
to fucoxanthin, neoxanthin, violaxanthin, and marine vegetable ω-3 oils). Under the
agreement signed with Polifenoles Naturals SL, Spain, NBC will market and sell
Xanthigen™ worldwide. Described as a “Natural UCP-1 Activator and first marine
thermogenic”, Xanthigen™ is currently being introduced to the U.S. market by NBC.
Xanthigen™ is an extraordinary new functional phytomedicine that shows
tremendous promise as a weight and specifically white fat loss aid” commented Dr. Zakir
Ramazanov, President of NBC. Scientists recently discovered that fucoxanthin posses
strong thermogenic properties that may contribute to dietary weight reduction and healthy
weight management. Metabolically, fucoxanthin promotes the induction of UCP1 genemitochondrial
uncoupling protein factor 1. Fucoxanthin stimulates the expression of
UCP1 gene in white adipose tissue, thus contributing to reduced white adipose tissue
weight. Activation of UCP1 genes enhances respiration and the uncoupling process
results in a cycle that dissipates oxidation energy as heat. Research has shown that it can
help promote fat loss by helping to reduce white fat accumulation through the natural
activation of thermogenic processes in mitochondria. NBC’s Xanthigen™ is a novel
dietary supplement that addresses effective weight loss through induction of UCP-1
genes and thermogenesis.

In addition to weight loss promoting properties, fucoxanthin is effective in
reducing and treatment of prostate and breast cancers. This was strongly supported in
clinical trial in which the effects of the extract were examined. The study involved 33
female with benign breast disease revealed that the supplementation of marine vegetable
oil high in fucoxanthins reduced mastalgia (pain in the breast), premenopausal syndrome,
2dysmenorrhea and algomenorhea, breast cyst regression and as well as attenuated pain
associated with benign breast disease and palpation. Positive response was reported in
94%. According to Prof. Bezpalov MD (NN Petrov’ Research Institute of Oncology, St.
Petersburg), the extract containing marine vegetable omega-3 oil and high in
fucoxanthins should be recommended for benign breast disease treatment. Fucoxanthin
induces apoptosis in human promyelocytic leukemia cells- a malignancy of the bone
marrow in which there is a deficiency of mature blood cells in the myeloid line of cells
and an excess of immature cells called promyelocytes. Fucoxanthin at 10 μg/ml reduced
the growth rate of prostate and human neuroblastoma cell line to 38% of the control at
day 3 after drug treatment. Fucoxanthin caused the arrest human colon carcinoma and
human malignant tumor cells, as well as skin and duodenum models that may be
important for the mechanism of anti-proliferative action of the marine vegetable derived

We are extremely pleased that NBC in collaboration of Polinat SL (Spain) is able
to bring Xanthigen™ product to market as part of our research in new phytomedicines for
weight loss supplement as well as products that effectively promote healthy longevity.

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