National Enzyme Company Launches Vegetarian Digestive Chewable, BioCore® AR

National Enzyme Company introduces its newest vegetarian, patented formulation to the BioCore® line of products, BioCore® AR. BioCore® AR soothes occasional heartburn while enabling continued digestion. This chewable product harnesses the success of a common acid neutralizer while addressing the problem of stalled digestion through the use of carefully formulated digestive enzymes.

Calcium carbonate, the primary ingredient found in many antacids, can suspend protein and fat digestion, triggering other health concerns. By contrast, the advanced enzyme blend in BioCore® AR functions over a broad pH range thereby seamlessly complementing its acid-neutralizing mineral, calcium carbonate. The achievement of BioCore® AR is to provide soothing relief

from occasional heartburn with the added benefi t of uninterrupted digestion . National Enzyme Company offers BioCore® AR as a vegetarian, chewable tablet with all-natural color and fl avor.

For more information about BioCore® AR visit BioCore® is an advanced line of digestive products which are the culmination of over 75 years of digestive and enzyme research. To learn more about National Enzyme Company visit www.

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