Natreon Inc., and CM&D Pharma Ltd., Announces the Incorporation of Puredel Ltd., To Develop Oral Insulin and Other Compounds

New Brunswick, NJ., January 14, 2008 - Natreon Inc., a nutraceutical industry’s leading supplier of botanical extract ingredients announced today the incorporation of Puredel Ltd., (Puredel), a company aimed at developing oral insulin and other targeted release compounds.

Puredel is a newly formed joint venture with CM&D Pharma Limited (CM&D), a European niche specialty company, and plans to develop targeted release products based on Natreon’s proprietary delivery platform, NATSOM®. NATSOM® uses a series of natural compounds to allow large molecular weight molecules to be absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract.

“The incorporation of Puredel marks a key point in the strategy of CM&D”, explained Danilo Casadei Massari, Corporate Development Director for CM&D. “The venture adds yet another therapeutic innovation that could benefit millions of patients by connecting innovative science to traditional medicine.”

Initially, Puredel will focus its efforts on the development of Ossulin™, an oral insulin which has shown promising results in preliminary animal and human studies. Puredel will also explore other target molecules which are currently injected and whose oral administration would greatly improve patient convenience and compliance.

Puredel will coordinate the product development of Ossulin™ up to proof of clinical efficacy, drawing on its extensive network of scientific experts in Europe and North America. Natreon’s R&D staff and facilities in both the United States and India will be committed to the success of Puredel.

“We have invested ten years in the development of the NATSOM® technology and intellectual property”, explained Lucien Hernandez, President and CEO of Natreon. “By leveraging CM&D’s regulatory and scientific expertise, we can move swiftly and effectively to the next level of commercial development and maximize the enormous potential of this technology.”

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About Natreon Inc.

With US headquarters in New Brunswick, New Jersey and a research centre in Kolkata, India, Natreon develops and markets functional food ingredients protected by intellectual property and proven by clinical and safety studies. Natreon’s research and development team includes seven PhD researchers and seven PhD candidates, working under the leadership of Dr. Shibnath Ghosal, a world renowned natural product scientist.

About CMD Pharma Ltd.

CM&D Pharma Limited is a European niche specialty company founded in 2007. CM&D plans to become one of the few pan-European pharmaceutical companies targeting specialists in the five major European markets (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK) with its own commercial organisation. It is establishing its own niche product and technology platform for in-house development, and will operate through a unique model of concerted marketing and development.

For further information, please contact:

Lucien Hernandez, President & CEO, Natreon Inc.
[email protected] <>
Stephen Appelbee, CEO, CM&D Pharma Limited
+44 1932 796083
[email protected] <>

Ossulin™ is a trademark of CM&D Pharma Limited
NATSOM®, is a trademark of Natreon Inc

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