Naturalpha Launches a Clinical Investigation Center for Nutrition

Naturalpha, international consulting, scientific and clinical research company in Nutrition and Health, partner of Food and Pharmaceutical Industries, is proud to announce the launch of its Clinical Nutrition Center (CNCN). The center is based in Saint-Vincent de Paul, a major hospital in Lille (North of France).

Providing an international offer for clinical trials in Nutrition & Health
The food industry has a specific and increasing need to develop their nutritional products. . Under the new regulation on Health Claims and recent opinions issued by EFSA, clinical studies in the scientific dossier submitted to the European authority, remain the key point but also the critical point for food manufacturers. The methodology, the targeted population, the biomarkers as well as the characterization of food products are issues that EFSA analyses carefully before giving its opinion on a health claim. With the new Clinical Nutrition Center, Naturalpha is able to provide an international offer of clinical trials corresponding to EFSA standards.

Volunteers from the regional population of Nord-Pas de Calais (North of France)
The Nord-Pas de Calais region has within France the highest prevalence of overweight and obesity. It is also more affected than any other French region by cardiovascular diseases and diabetes Thanks to the participation in clinical nutrition trials, each volunteer will benefit from a diet service and get a full medical checkup. In this way Naturalpha intends to improve the nutritional habits of the population of Northern France by educating volunteers on the risk for cardiovascular diseases, some types of cancer and the necessity to have a healthy diet and to practice a regular physical activity contributing to a healthy lifestyle.

Developing the future ingredients and functional foods
In the CNCN studies will be performed with finished foods (cranberry, green tea, dairy products fortified with omega 3, Bifidus...), functional ingredients (prebiotics, probiotics, fiber, flavonoids, phytosterols ...) or food supplements (vitamins, minerals, fatty acids ...). The goal of clinical studies is to bring the scientific proof of efficacy in humans, thanks to the volunteers, leading to more healthy foods in the market. The benefits and advantages of innovative healthy products that are currently on the market or in development have been demonstrated in many clinical studies. By conducting clinical trials in its center, Naturalpha wants to contribute to the development of these future functional food products.

Jean-François Mouney, CEO of Naturalpha: “This center will further improve and establish the Nutrition and Health expertise of our company, already a privileged partner of Food industries for the development of their healthy products. The CNCN, located in a major hospital in Lille, will enable us to conduct high standard clinical trials on a large sample of volunteers with a duration of several months. Therefore, we can meet the expectations of our customers and assist them in their efforts to validate the proof of health effect of their products. Because of the new regulation on health claims and the high expectations of the EFSA, the quality of the clinical studies composing the scientific dossier of a food product is crucial.”

For Christophe Ripoll, Research & Development Executive Vice-President of Naturalpha: “In terms of methodology, the food industry tends to slide towards what is happening in the pharmaceutical field. We are one of the few companies in the field of scientific and clinical research in Nutrition and Health that can offer our clients a support from the stage of an “idea” of a product up to the health claim dossier. By performing clinical trials, Naturalpha can also meet the specific demands of its clients on the characterization, safety and efficacy of a product or even the identification of a biomarker. With the CNCN we are among the only ones in Europe to provide such a complete and relevant offer.”

About Naturalpha’s Clinical Nutrition Center (CNCN):
The CNCN is located within the Hospital Saint Vincent de Paul, a major hospital in the center of Lille. The team is composed of physicians, nurses, clinical technicians and has access to a wide expertise, equipments, services and facilities of the Hospital.
The CNCN is designed in order to fully meet the needs of a clinical study in nutrition with volunteers in facilities at the forefront of technology and in accordance with the high standards of safety and hygiene.

For more information on the CNCN:

Clinical nutrition studies:
The study, with a duration of several months is performed in humans to evaluate the characteristics, effects and safety of food products and ingredients. The conditions for a clinical study are strictly defined and regulated by law. Finally, the study participation must be voluntary. Every clinical trial must be approved in advance and monitored by an ethics committee consisting of physicians, statisticians, lawyers, and representatives of civil society etc., to ensure that risks are as low as possible in relation to the expected and verified benefits.

About Naturalpha:
Naturalpha, specialized in consulting, scientific and clinical research in Nutrition and Health, offers functional food and ingredients manufacturers solutions to build a relevant research strategy. Naturalpha supports its industrial partners in building the proof of "health effect" of their innovative products at every stage of their development by proposing scientific and regulatory intelligence, consulting, health claim dossier audit, preclinical and clinical studies.

Spin-off of the biotechnology company Genfit, Naturalpha is located in Lille with an office in Cambridge (Massachusetts, USA). Naturalpha employs 25 specialists (physicians, engineers, research scientists and dieticians) and is a member of the Nutrition Health Longevity Competitivity Cluster.

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