New gum features Fluxome's resveratrol

New gum features Fluxome's resveratrol

Gumlink A/S has incorporated resveratrol into its’ patented Dual-layered compressed chewing gum, which is especially suitable delivery-form for active ingredients.

Resveratrol is definitely one of the most interesting ingredients in the functional foods category, and has recently generated a wealth of attention. Gumlink A/S has now incorporated Fluxome® Resveratrol into its’ patented Dual-layered compressed chewing gum, which is especially suitable for active ingredients. The prototype will be presented at the First International conference of Resveratrol and health that takes place in Denmark in September.

“Resveratrol has received a lot of focus lately and we wanted to offer the industry a new consumer-friendly application, in line with many of the latest trends such as convenience and enjoyment in staying healthy.” says Thomas Jahn, business development at Gumlink Nutraceuticals. “Our R&D specialists have successfully incorporated resveratrol into our Dual-layered compressed chewing gum and we can now offer this concept to our customers. We expect interest to be greatest in the US where the consumer awareness is highest, but also substantial interest on a global scale in the not-so-distant future. We believe that combining an innovative ingredient with an innovative delivery system will establish a very solid and synergistic foundation for success.” For more information about Gumlink’s patented Dual-layered compressed gum please visit<>.

The First International Scientific Conference of Resveratrol and Health will take place in Denmark from 13th to 16th of September 2010. The purpose of the conference is to collect and summarize the last year’s scientific work in the area of resveratrol. Resveratrol2010 is a 4 days conference where the last day is reserved for a scientific working group. For more information please visit<>.

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