New Research Formula for Diabetics with Cardiovascular Complications

Exotic Naturals announces the launch of E-DM-13, a Support formula for Diabetics. An innovative research formula, which is not only clinically proven to lower blood sugar levels but also controls serum nitrotyrosin, a key indicator for atherosclerotic disease.

“High blood glucose levels are one of the most common killers of Americans, according to new research from Harvard researchers.” ( “About 60% of people with type II diabetes die of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.” (National Diabetes Advisory Board, 1987) Most of them are premature deaths when the people concerned are economically contributing to society. This situation is increasingly outstretching the health-care resources devoted to diabetes. (WHO, Fact Sheet N° 236, Revised September 2002). “Increased nitrotyrosine has been found in the plasma of diabetic patients and has been shown to be involved in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis” (Ceriello A et al).

Exotic Naturals, CEO, Jayesh Chaudhary stated, “As the number of people with diabetes grows up to 230 millions worldwide, treatment of its long term complications take an ever-increasing proportion of national health care budgets. As per Exotic Naturals’ vision to improve human life, the utmost need is created for a natural product which can support diabetics with cardiovascular complications."

Exotic Naturals’ focus was to develop the herbal supplement with clinically proven efficacy & safety. Hence, this research-based firm took up development of E-DM-13, an effective solution to this worldwide phenomenon. In a clinical study of 126 patients with type 2 diabetes investigators were amazed to find that E-DM-13 could dramatically decrease (p<0.001) serum nitrotyrosine levels by a huge 90% compared to before treatment. E-DM-13 produced significant (p<0.05) improvements in levels of glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c), a standard indicator for glycemic control. Also fasting and post prandial plasma glucose levels showed a significant decrease compared to baseline (p<0.05). Unlike the inadequate safety profile of conventional drugs, E-DM-13 was found to be free from major side effects. No severe adverse events were noted during the study period. E-DM-13 also clears mutagenecity and genotoxicity tests and has undergone animal research over the last 4 years of development.

Company profile

Exotic Naturals is an innovation driven company which is focused on design and development of dietary ingredients and formulas with substantiated label claims. In keeping with its mission, Exotic has developed products in some of the fastest growing health categories - Male Sexual Dysfunction, Lipid Lowering and Diabetes Type 2, Allergies, Insomnia, Osteoarthritis & Antioxidants and lots more at the R&D stage. Exotic Naturals is offering these opportunities to alliance partners for co-development and co-marketing worldwide.

For more information on Exotic Naturals & its products visit or contact Rekha Patel ([email protected])

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