SkinGest PSOR™ - A New Generation in Natural Skin Care

SkinGest PSOR™, a patented, new dietary ingredient made of a protein extract obtained from sweet whey, from Advitech/Canada, will be launched at SupplyExpo – P.L. Thomas booth 716.

SkinGest PSOR supports immune functions to maintain healthy skin. The bioactive profile of SkinGest PSOR™ is related the presence of growth factors, active peptides and immunoglobulins in the extract.

Two clinical trials, including a 112-day, multi-center, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial with 84 patients, clinically proved the efficacy and safety of SkinGest PSOR™.

Life Quality Index score and PASI (a severity index of skin irritation) both showed itching sensation decreased significantly at the end of the treatment period for patient taking SkinGest PSOR™ compared to placebo. SkinGest PSOR™ represent a natural health product to be used as an alternative treatment for mild-to-moderate skin irritations.

SkinGest PSOR™, from Advitech, is distributed by P.L. Thomas

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