Taisho Pharmaceutical Launches FOSHU “Choles-Care Chitosan Aojiru” for Improving Eating Habits

On 21 October 2008, Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. will launch FOSHU-approved “Choles-Care Chitosan Aojiru (Green Juice)”, made from pesticide-free, domestically produced young barley leaves and crab-derived insoluble dietary fiber, chitosan. Thanks to its action in helping bile acid be excreted out of the body, chitosan is able to reduce blood cholesterol. In order to preserve the nutrition contained within the carefully grown leaves, they are dried and powdered as soon as they are harvested. The product is perfect for people who are keeping an eye on their cholesterol, and is priced at JPY 2,940 for a 30-day supply (3 x 30 packets).

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