UNITIKA Launches Dietary Supplement Rich in Health Ingredient Peperine, “Jukusei Bakusai Kuro Ninniku”

UNITIKA Ltd. are launching a new dietary supplement, “Jukusei Bakusai Kuro Ninniku (Mature blasted black garlic)” through the company’s mail order business (90 capsules/JPY 2,200). Although the company has been developing its dietary supplement business by focusing on health and beauty ingredients like cauliflower fungus (Sparassis crispa) and ceramide, the main ingredient in this product is black garlic. This product uses only Fukuchi White garlic cultivated in Takkomachi, Aomori Prefecture. The garlic is pickled in fermented brown rice liquid, and the carefully matured “black garlic” is processed into a porous form using a special blast treatment. It is then ground down to make the main ingredient used. The maturing and blast-treating of the “black garlic” reduces the garlic’s stimulants and its distinctive smell, considerably increases the content of useful ingredients like polyphenol, and also increases its antioxidizing power tenfold. The product is also rich in the health ingredient peperine, a black pepper extract added to act as a support ingredient, aiding in the absorption of the other ingredients.

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