Varian Inc. & Flora Research Laboratories form Alliance to Support Advancement of LC-MS Science Related To Dietary Supplement cGMP’s

Varian Inc. (Walnut Creek, CA) & Flora Research Laboratories (Grants Pass, OR) have formed an alliance to advance the understanding & implementation of LC-MS solutions for complex dietary supplement analysis. With the implementation of new cGMP regulations for Dietary Supplements, the FDA now requires substantially higher levels of testing for DS ingredients than required previously under the food cGMP’s. Often, these new testing demands can be more easily accomplished with the use of LC-MS solutions saving tens of thousands of dollars in method development.

Changing Focus on “State of the Science”

During the 122nd AOAC meeting in Dallas this September, symposia focused on the use of LC-MS as a replacement of microbiological vitamin methods in complex dietary supplement matrices. Further, during the ASMS 2008 Conference, numerous posters and sessions focused on the role that LC-MS will play in advancing the “state of science.” With the cost of modern LC-MS solutions approaching that of the bench top GC-MS, it is expected that more and more regulatory action will involve LC-MS.

To assist in-house and independent laboratories ease the implementation of LC-MS solutions, Flora Research Laboratories will be working closely with Varian Inc. to develop educational sessions, application notes, peer-reviewed journal articles and other resources demonstrating how this process can be accomplished with an investment similar to that one would pay for a traditional quality HPLC combined detector solution.

Applications are already available using LC-MS for the analysis of resveratrol and ginsenosides by LC-MS. A workshop focusing on a variety of applications including adulteration and specialty supplements is being sponsored by Varian at Supply Side West on Friday, October 24, 2008 from 10:00-10:50 A.M. The workshop is free and open to all attendees. Regardless of if you are a chemist or CEO, you should attend this important session so that you can prepare yourself for the eventual move to LC-MS.

Contact-James Neal-Kababick 541-472-0980/ [email protected]

Friday, October 24
Location: Galileo 905
LC-MSn, the Ultimate Tool for DS cGMP Compliance for Under $100K: Performance Without Sacrifice
Many people are considering the addition of ELSD & Fluorescence detectors to their existing HPLC systems to expand their ability to substantiate dietary ingredient claims. Although LC-MSn is considered the gold standard for selectivity and sensitivity, it is outside the budget for many companies. This presentation will focus on the use of the Varian 500-MS Ion-Trap Mass Spectrometer equipped with TurboDDS in the analysis of dietary supplements. Results from a variety of real world samples generated in an independent analytical laboratory specializing in DS testing will be presented. This session will also show how the use of LC-MSn can solve analytical problems in your laboratory and what you can accomplish with a single instrument. If you don't think you're ready for LC-MS, think again and come to this informative workshop to learn more.
Speaker: James Neal-Kababick, director, Flora Research Laboratories

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