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Women Looking For An Alternative To Black Cohosh

Flax lignans safe option, proven to benefit postmenopausal women

Minneapolis – Women looking for an alternative to black cohosh can turn to the scientifically supported ingredient, flax lignans. Lignans have a balancing effect on hormones because they are phytoestrogens, a plant compound similar to estrogen. Flax lignans, such as Acatris’ LinumLife® EXTRA, can provide women with a safe and effective treatment for menopausal symptom relief.

Recently the UK herbal sector attained an agreement with the medicines regulator on labeling black cohosh products with liver injury warnings, stating that black cohosh, an herb with a history of use for menopause symptoms, was shown to potentially cause abnormal liver function, hepatitis or liver failure.

A four month crossover study by Lemay et al found that 40 grams of crushed flaxseed per day was as effective as hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in alleviating mild menopausal symptoms in 25 menopausal women. In addition, a double blind crossover study found that postmenopausal women who supplemented with flaxseed experienced a 41 percent reduction in hot flashes.

“HRT has been found to increase the risk for several life-threatening diseases. Women looking for natural alternatives to HRT and black cohosh supplementation can look to flax lignan ingredients to help ease symptoms of menopause and promote bone, heart and breast health,” said Jocelyn Mathern, RD and technical advisor of Acatris.

Lignans come from a variety of sources such as flax seed, whole grain cereals, vegetables, fruits and berries. Each type of lignan has a different structure and different health properties. Flax seed is known as one of the richest, providing up to 800 times more lignans than any other tested plant source. The main flax seed lignan is SDG.

“LinumLife EXTRA is actively being studied for encouraging breast health, promoting cardiovascular health, fighting acne, supporting prostate health in men, reducing hair loss in men and women, as well as providing menopause relief for women,” said Mathern.

Women, around the age of 50, begin to experience many changes often marked by their last menstrual period. Symptoms of menopause include hot flashes and night sweats as the body adjusts to falling estrogen levels. Menopause is also a time when a woman’s risk of heart disease, osteoporosis and breast cancer increases.

Science is working diligently to keep up with consumer interest in flax lignans. As more research is completed on flax lignans, the facts on this “super seed” and its many health benefits will continue to feed an avaricious marketplace appetite. Credible consumer resources like the Flax Lignan Information Bureau,, closely follow the advancement in research and report on breaking flax lignan news.

Acatris Inc.’s LinumLife® EXTRA is produced through a patented production process. A dosage of 250 mg of LinumLife® EXTRA provides 50 mg lignans. This ingredient offers the convenience for one-per-day lignan capsules or tablets. For more information on LinumLife® EXTRA or flax lignans, visit


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