Lifeseasons Launches Condition-Specific Supplements for Healthy Aging

Health food retailers looking to provide a nutritional solution to consumers concerned with healthy aging issues have a new option in the recent launch of LifeSeasons(TM) supplements, sold exclusively through the health food channel. The product line's initial distribution already includes more than 100 retailers, the company confirmed today.

LifeSeasons offers 12 initial SKUs: Diabet-X, Visibili-T, Pros-T, Daily Omega Complex, Healthy Aging, Hyper-T, Mobili-T, Metabolism, Breathe-EZ, Clari-T, Immuni-T and Choles-T. Each proprietary condition- specific product features efficacious doses of best-in-class ingredients to embrace the intricacies of co-active nutrient properties -taking full advantage of how one nutrient can boost, balance, and even renew another.

Co-founded by natural products industry veteran Darrin Peterson, LifeSeasons was born out of a desire to simplify dietary supplementation and make it easier for people to respond quickly and confidently as their bodies change with age. By combining the right ratios of bioavailable and synergistic ingredients into targeted formulations, LifeSeasons products support each individual's potential to enjoy optimum health and manage a lifetime of changing health needs.

"LifeSeasons is only available to the health food retailers; we are not selling to E-tailers or other deep discount channels. We've designed the packaging with health food shoppers in mind and incorporated consumer-friendly features into the product line- including an effective color-coding system and front label ingredient lists-to help retailers best serve their customers," said Peterson.

"We've had a great response from our retailer partners so far."

Retailers currently carrying LifeSeasons include Sunflower Farmers Markets, Central Markets, Clark's Nutrition, Fresh Vitamins and independent health food stores across the country.

Retailers can visit for more information or call 1-877-455-2826.

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