Youth serum promises much

Aloe vera has a history of being the cure-all for skin ailments.Anti-ageing is sometimes jumbled in with healthy-ageing constructs such as retaining cognitive health, an active lifestyle as defined by joint health or cardio health, and cosmeceuticals.

Today people are experiencing a longer lifespan than ever before, but now the task is to turn that into a healthier long life. It is here, in the prevention arena, that nutraceuticals have their greatest promise. Degenerative diseases of ageing — heart disease, cancer, diabetes and more — invariably manifest as we get older, and oxidation and inflammation appear to be the primary underlying causes. A variety of nutritional ingredients show promise in preventing or even reversing them.

The supplement with the most promise is the molecule thought to be responsible for red wine's most prodigious effects (after inebriation): resveratrol. Harvard researchers reported resveratrol can extend life span in yeast, worms, mice and monkeys. It is said to both remove dangerous minerals from the body before they cause problems and turn on the Sirtuin-1 gene that mimics calorie restriction, which gives it its life-extension properties.

"More and more health professionals focusing on preventive maintenance increases the presence of supplements in these areas," says Soft Gel Technologies president Ron Udell.

One area of increasing concern is the loss of muscle that occurs with ageing. After age 50, people typically lose about 1-2 per cent of their muscle mass per year. The slow decline in muscle mass eventually leads to decreased mobility and lack of independence to live life. "Promising research is being done with whey proteins that indicate whey protein is one of the best natural protein sources for preserving lean muscle in elderly individuals," says Loren Ward, from Glanbia Nutrition's R&D group. "Research continues to unravel the hidden benefits of whey proteins and highlight whey proteins as one of the best protein sources developed and designed by nature to promote health and well-being."

Several bioactive whey peptides have recently been identified that lower blood pressure, decrease cholesterol and enhance vascular function, says Ward. "By careful enzyme selection to release a peptide from the protein, a peptide mixture can be developed that provides more than just the amino acids and contributes positively to a health benefit."

Getting back to pure vanity, aloe vera has a history as being the cure-all for skin ailments. "It has evolved into so much more," says Patrick Anderson at Terry Labs. "Aloe vera has a wide range of uses that may not be known to the general public, such as immune-boosting properties, gastrointestinal properties, diabetes, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties. The right aloe has to be used for the aloe to be effective."

And that is often the trick with functional ingredients — science opens new markets. "Science is critical to our market because we are competing with a pharmaceutical-thinking market," Anderson says.

Another significant experience of ageing is a distinct lack of energy. Beverages top all other delivery systems in filling this consumer need. More than just sugar water with caffeine, more than even amino acids and speciality ingredients such as carnitine and green tea, today's — and tomorrow's — beverages offer a tremendous opportunity to fortify with minerals.

Aquea Scientific
Aquea SPF: Patented delivery system allows deposition of UVA and UVB sunscreens (or other actives) from face, hand and body washes; shampoos; and soap bars.
[email protected]
+1 805 639 4080
Ventura, California, USA

BI Nutraceuticals
K-RALA: A potassium salt form of R-lipoic acid, the natural form of lipoic acid, a critical cofactor in three vital enzyme complexes that control energy metabolism and a powerful antioxidant in large amounts. Heat stable, characterized by high solubility and absorption, free of residual solvents and moisture. Shelf life of at least three years. Does not require special handling or refrigeration.
RoseOx: A lipid-soluble extract of rosemary. Patented extraction technology removes the oil-soluble fraction from the herb. Standardized to contain carnosic acid, making it one of the most potent antioxidants found in nature.
Rossentia: A water-soluble extract of rosemary. Standardized through a proprietary extraction process to five per cent rosmarinic acid, a potent water-soluble phenolic compound that controls and reduces free radicals formed in the body.
[email protected]
+1 310 669 2100
Long Beach, California, USA

Cocoa 101
Açai Berry: Nature's most complete food, with more antioxidants than any other fruit. An unrivaled synergistic blend of nutrients and antioxidants makes açai a key component in the fight against disease, illness and ageing.
[email protected]
+1 949 584 1630
Orange County, California, USA

Collactive: A unique marine peptide meeting new market demand for oral cosmetics. Recently completed clinical study measured outstanding results for skin hydration and reduction in the deepness and number of wrinkles.
[email protected]
+33 (0)3 21 10 00 30
Le Portel, France

Draco Natural Products
Cili Fruit Extract, 20% Vitamin C: Derived from an exotic yellow fruit from the rose family. One of the highest naturally occurring levels of SOD, vitamin C and polyphenols.
Pomegranate Seed Oil, 70% CLnA: Contains a high level of a unique omega-3 fatty acid, CLnA, that converts into CLA in the body. Studies also show that pomegranate- seed oil promotes skin-cell renewal.
Yumberry Extract, 20:1: Rich in cyanidin-3-glucoside, which studies have shown reduces appetite and positively improves hormones that govern fat metabolism. Also contains myricetin, which works similarly to resveratrol on the anti-ageing SIR2 gene.
[email protected]
+1 408 287 7871
San Jose, California, USA

DSM Nutritional Products
Resvida: Branded, nature-identical trans-resveratrol. Only known resveratrol with a safety package and proven bioavailability.? High-potency (99 per cent crystalline, 90 per cent tablet grade) and free from pesticides. A powerful antioxidant polyphenol, increasingly known for its anti-ageing effects.
[email protected]
+1 800 526 0189
Heerlen, Netherlands

Frutarom USA
Go-Less: A proprietary blend reflecting the exact dosage used in four human studies shown to decrease the frequency of urination at night and frequency of incontinence by 80 per cent.
[email protected]
+1 952 920 7700
North Bergen, New Jersey, USA

GAT Food Essentials
Paradox Ply: A functional-food ingredient containing red-grape polyphenols, a group of powerful antioxidants associated with anti-ageing benefits and heart health. Enables food and beverage producers to enrich their foodstuffs with these healthy polyphenols without affecting their organoleptic profile.
[email protected]
+43 2624 53922
Ebenfurth, Austria

Geronova Research
Bio-enhanced, Stabilized R-Lipoic Acid
[email protected]
+1 775 887 4907
Carson City, Nevada, USA

Guangxi Changzhou Natural Pharmaceutical
Gotu Kola P.E.: Lightless to white dry powder. Active ingredients include asiaticoside, madecassoside, asiatic acid and madecassic acid.
[email protected]
+86 771 4516085
Nanning, China

Han-Fortune Investment
Green Tea Extract: 98%-50% polyphenol. 20,000kgs production each month.
[email protected]
+1 778 998 2518
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Institut Rosell Lallemand
Mineral Enriched Yeast
[email protected]
+1 514 381 5631
Montreal, Québec, Canada

Kaneka Nutrients
[email protected]
+1 281 291 4489
Pasadena, Texas, USA

Kyowa Hakko
Cognizin Citicoline: A natural water-soluble compound that enhances communication between neurons in the brain to support visual function and protect neural structures from free-radical damage. New research from Harvard shows citicoline increases energy (ATP) levels in the brain, increasing the ability to focus, concentrate, and be generally more productive.
Setria Glutathione: The morning antioxidant. A powerful tripeptide, composed of glutamic acid, cystein, and glycine, that promotes vital detoxification. Glutathione levels should be replenished every morning when levels are at their lowest and oxidative risk is high.
[email protected]
+1 212 319 5353
New York, New York, USA

Maitake Products
Lion's Mane: Hericium erinaceum, containing hericenones, an active compound that research indicates may stimulate the production of nerve-growth factor. This may prove beneficial for healthy cognitive function.
Maitake D-Fraction: A trademarked, time-tested, well-researched ingredient that helps maintain healthy immune function. A great complement for any men's or women's advanced formulas.
[email protected]
+1 800 747 7418
East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA

Marcor Development
Enzymes: Naturally sourced ingredients that aid efficient nutrient absorption.
Marcosanal-brand Policosanol: A natural rice component that supports efficient cholesterol metabolism.
[email protected]
+1 201 935 2111
Carlstadt, New Jersey, USA

Maypro Industries
[email protected]
+1 914 251 0701
Purchase, New York, USA

Mod.Skin Labs
DMAE: Amino acid that firms and tones slackening skin.
Rice Enzymes: Provide unsurpassed luminosity and clarity. Evict unwanted debris and smooth uneven texture with the enzymatic power of rice.
[email protected]
+1 860 653 7802
Granby, Connecticut, USA

POWERGRAPE: An ingredient for vitality and energy formulations, including foods, beverages and dietary supplements. Grape extract (vitis vinifera L.) with a particular flavanols repartition and guaranteed levels of flavanol monomers. For the first time, 400 mg/d of this unique composition is available to link strong antioxidant power with performance improvement in athletes.
[email protected]
+33 (0)5 57 55 31 58
Avignon, France

Pharma Base
Coenzyme Q10: Natural bacterial fermentation technology gives marketers and manufacturers the competitive advantage they are looking for with high quality, competitive pricing and a non-Chinese source.
[email protected]
+1 949 502 4770
Irvine, California, USA

P.L. Thomas
Lipowheat™: Natural ceramides from vegetable origin restore skin barrier functions, thus ensuring healthy hydration and the softness and wellness of the skin.
[email protected]
973-984-0900 x214
Morristown, NJ USA

QS Raspberry Seed Oil: A vegetable oil with 460mg of linoleic acid (omega 6) and 190mg of alpha linolenic acid (omega 3). Demonstrated effects on skin hydration and nutrition, and actively fights cutaneous ageing.
[email protected]
+33 298 548 420
Pleuven, France

Quality of Life Labs
[email protected]
+1 914 251 0981
Purchase, New York, USA

Rainforest Botanicals
Sacha Pure Omega
[email protected]
+1 305 235 9880
Miami, Florida, USA

Roxlor International
Cynatine (Functional Keratin)
[email protected]
+1 302 778 4166
Wilmington, Delaware, USA

Curcumin C3 Complex: Patented complex with a unique composition ratio and use. The name C3 Complex refers to its three curcuminoids — curcumin, demethoxycurcumin and bisdemethoxycurcumin. Research shows C3 Complex offers a wide range of health benefits. Certified by NSF International for potency and specification compliance.
[email protected]
+1 732 777 1111
Piscataway, New Jersey, USA

Soft Gel Technologies
Cerenew: A proprietary compound that blends Injuv hyaluronic acid complex, biotin and ceramide in a powerful cosmeceutical to restore youthful, glowing skin. Clinically proven, when used in tandem with a topical ceramide-containing cream, to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, brighten the complexion and tighten sagging skin.
CoQH-CF: Reduced coenzyme Q-10 formula that provides superior absorption and utilization. Shown to be an excellent therapeutic supplement that positively influences the ubiquinol to ubiquinone ratio, decreasing the chronic burden of oxidation at the cellular level and promoting healthy tissues.
[email protected]
+1 323 726 0700
Los Angeles, California, USA

Solgen Soy Isoflavones
[email protected]
+972 8 8632111
Ashdod, Israel

TSI Health Sciences
PEAK ATP: A patented, proprietary nutraceutical that provides the exact molecule the human body needs to create energy, making it effective for a variety of indications, such as energy levels, athletic performance, and anti-ageing.
[email protected]
+1 406 549 9123
Missoula, Montana, USA

UAS Laboratories
DDS-1 L. Acidophilus
[email protected]
+1 952 935 1707
Eden Prairie, Minnesota, USA

Lutein: A xanthophyll antioxidant and one of more than 600 naturally occurring carotenoids in fruits and vegetables. Patented (#7271298). Extracted from marigold petals and purified into crystalline forms. Lutein has been linked to promoting healthy eyes and reducing the risk of macular degeneration.
[email protected]
+1 281 419 6050
The Woodlands, Texas, USA

Condition Specific Guide: A complete resource to ingredients for health.

One of the top trends of the year is the move to market condition-specific nutritional products. An ageing consumer base is gravitating to the concept in an effort to stave off the range of degenerative diseases, and manufacturers are responding to this specialised nutrition paradigm. Suppliers play a key role in the value chain by developing and delivering functional ingredients that target these specific consumer concerns. The whole story — and exclusive Fi directory listing — provides manufacturers with a road map for the terrain ahead.

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