Women are a key naturals demographic

Women are a key naturals demographic

Whether young, middle aged, or mature, women care deeply about their health and the health of their families and loved ones. Women make the majority of shopping decisions for their families, making them a key demographic in everything from food and supplements to body care products. Like men, women want clear information, the ability to find what they want when they want it, and an excellent overall shopping experience. Women tend to drive the increased interest in complementary and alternative health measures, including increased use of supplements, and are on the lookout for less invasive, natural options to treat common health conditions. Of particular concern to women are issues including heart disease, breast cancer, stress relief, weight management, skin care, healthy foods for children, osteoporosis, beauty regimens, energy, hormone balancing, fertility, and menopause.


A few supplements of particular interest to women include black cohosh for managing menopause symptoms; passion flower and valerian for sleep issues; calcium and vitamin D for bone health; magnesium and vitamin B6 for fatigue and PMS; cranberry for urinary tract health; and omega-3 fatty acids for hormone-related mood swings.

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