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Natural Products Expo West 2018 conference education presentation and video recording index

Natural Products Business School

Shazi Visram, Happy Family Organics, Keynote | Watch the session

Building a Brand from Scratch | Watch the talk and get the slides

Packaging & Design As Your Brand Evolves | Watch the session

A Case Study in Rebranding & ROI | Watch and get the presentation

Head Meet Heart: The Role of Intuition in Branding | Get the slides and watch the talk

Storytelling & Brand Equity: When Life Gives You Lemons | Watch the session

What’s your Why? Articulating Brand & Product Proposition in Real Time | Watch the program and download the slides

Branding & The Bottom Line | Watch the session and get the presentation

Rooting Brand Identity in Business for Good | Watch the session and get the presentation

Afternoon Inspiration: A Conversation with Walter Robb | Watch the interview


Climate Day | Full day recording

It's a Wrap: Reducing the Climate Impact of Your packaging | Watch the panel discussion

Climate Day Commitment Track: Digging into Carbon Farming | Watch the session

Keynote Gina McCarthy | Watch this keynote and interview


Climate Day Retailer

All Aboard! How to get Your Vendors on the Climate Train | Watch the program

A Tale of Three Retailers | Watch the presentations and panel discussion


The Disrupted Retail Summit | Full summit recording

Building Strong Relationships at Retail | Watch the discussion


CBD Summit | Full summit recording

Hemp Hemp Hooray: The Certified Business of Disruption (CBD) | Watch the recording now

21st Century Health Science | Watch the recording now

Made in America? Supply-Chain Challenges | See Josh Hendrix speak and download the presentation

Merry Hempsters & Ganjapreneurs: Innovation at the Brand Level | Watch the roundtable discussion

Lawyers, Guns & Money: Legal & Regulatory Issues | Watch the discussion   

Give the People What They Want | Watch the presentation


Organic’s New Future

The State of the Organic Industry | Watch the session and download the presentation

Organic 101 | Watch the session access the slides

Growing Organic: Upholding Supply Chain Integrity | Watch the recording and get the presentation

Food Safety Update: Tools & Resources for Organic Operations | Watch the presentation

Sharing the Organic Story | Watch the panel


Climate Action Workshop

Waste Not, Want Not: Tackling Food Waste in Your Company | Watch the session and get the download

Climate 101: The Building Blocks of Climate Action for Your Company | Watch the presentation

Regenerative Earth Interactive Workshop | Watch the session

Regenerative Business

The Business Case for Leading a Regenerative Movement | Watch the session

Supporting Farmers: Activating Regenerative Agriculture Through Marketplace Support | Watch the session and download the presentation

Authentic Regenerative Leadership to Grow Your Business, Team & Community | Get the handout and watch the presentation

Impact Investing for the Natural Products Industry| Watch the session and get the slides

Regenerative Finance: How to Invest in the Future of Food | Watch the panel


Growing a Healthy Biz

 Innovating with Plants: How to Take Advantage of White Space in the Market | Watch the panel conversation

Small Giants: Understanding What it Takes to Grow a Great Company | Watch the session recording

Packaging Innovation: Understanding Emerging Technologies | Watch this panel session

From Infancy to Category Leaders: Founders Share Secrets for Success | Watch the panel conversation

The Road to Gender Parity: Supporting Women's Leadership for a Better Workplace | Watch the discussion and get the presentation


Additional Thursday Sessions

The State of the Natural Industry | Watch the session

Stock to Sell: How to Be a Better Buyer | Watch the session and download the presentation


Local Community Retail Lunch & Learn | Coming soon

Passion and Purpose in Your Retail Business with Zach Mercurio | Watch the inspirational talk

Founders Roundtable: Celebrating Retail's Part in the Natural Foods Revolution | Watch the roundtable

Deep Dive: Making Moves Toward Convenience and Foodservice | Listen to the conversation and sneak peek the new convenience concept

Next Generation Retail: Envisioning and Creating a new Future | Watch the roundtable


Friday Keynote: Jennifer Garner & John Foraker | Watch the keynote


Digital Marketing 

Using Influencer Marketing to Create and Engaged Community of Customers | Watch the session

Digital Storytelling to Save the World: How Your Business Can Have True Impact | Watch the panel and interactive session

Clicks to Bricks: Marketing to the Omni-Channel Shopper | See the presentation and download the slides


The Supplement Story 

The State of the Supplement Industry | Watch the session and get the slides

Tomorrow's Ingredients: A Forecast for What's NEXT | Watch the session and get the presentation

Beyond An Idea: How to Implement Transparency in Your Business | Watch the session and download the presentation

Optimizing Health Through Crisis with Supplements | Watch the session and get the slides

Technologies & Discoveries Driving Personalized Nutrition | Watch the presentation and download the slides


The Good Food Future 

Farm Bill 2018: What You Need to Know | Watch the panel

A New Frontier in Product Innovation: Whole Foods | Join the conversation

Trust, Transparency & Purity: Exploring Complex Biotech Issues in the Food & Nutrition Supply Chain | Watch the discussion

How to Develop a Strong Manufacturing Relationship & Why It's Important | Watch the recording


Saturday Morning Keynote: Anna Lappe | Watch the presentation and interview

Esca Bona Story Stage | Full program

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