Natural Products Expo West 2018 conference education presentation and video recording index

Bookmark this index of Natural Products Expo West conference recordings. As we publish sessions and upload presentations, we will add links here.

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Natural Products Expo West 2018 conference education presentation and video recording index

Natural Products Business School

Shazi Visram, Happy Family Organics, Keynote | Watch the session

Building a Brand from Scratch | Watch the talk and get the slides

Packaging & Design As Your Brand Evolves | Watch the session

A Case Study in Rebranding & ROI | Watch and get the presentation

Head Meet Heart: The Role of Intuition in Branding | Get the slides and watch the talk

Storytelling & Brand Equity: When Life Gives You Lemons | Watch the session

What’s your Why? Articulating Brand & Product Proposition in Real Time | Watch the program and download the slides

Branding & The Bottom Line | Watch the session and get the presentation

Rooting Brand Identity in Business for Good | Watch the session and get the presentation

Afternoon Inspiration: A Conversation with Walter Robb | Watch the interview


Climate Day | Full day recording

It's a Wrap: Reducing the Climate Impact of Your packaging | Watch the panel discussion

Climate Day Commitment Track: Digging into Carbon Farming | Watch the session

Keynote Gina McCarthy | Watch this keynote and interview


Climate Day Retailer

All Aboard! How to get Your Vendors on the Climate Train | Watch the program

A Tale of Three Retailers | Watch the presentations and panel discussion


The Disrupted Retail Summit | Full summit recording

Building Strong Relationships at Retail | Watch the discussion


CBD Summit | Full summit recording

Hemp Hemp Hooray: The Certified Business of Disruption (CBD) | Watch the recording now

21st Century Health Science | Watch the recording now

Made in America? Supply-Chain Challenges | See Josh Hendrix speak and download the presentation

Merry Hempsters & Ganjapreneurs: Innovation at the Brand Level | Watch the roundtable discussion

Lawyers, Guns & Money: Legal & Regulatory Issues | Watch the discussion   

Give the People What They Want | Watch the presentation


Organic’s New Future

The State of the Organic Industry | Watch the session and download the presentation

Organic 101 | Watch the session access the slides

Growing Organic: Upholding Supply Chain Integrity | Watch the recording and get the presentation

Food Safety Update: Tools & Resources for Organic Operations | Watch the presentation

Sharing the Organic Story | Watch the panel


Climate Action Workshop

Waste Not, Want Not: Tackling Food Waste in Your Company | Watch the session and get the download

Climate 101: The Building Blocks of Climate Action for Your Company | Watch the presentation

Regenerative Earth Interactive Workshop | Watch the session

Regenerative Business

The Business Case for Leading a Regenerative Movement | Watch the session

Supporting Farmers: Activating Regenerative Agriculture Through Marketplace Support | Watch the session and download the presentation

Authentic Regenerative Leadership to Grow Your Business, Team & Community | Get the handout and watch the presentation

Impact Investing for the Natural Products Industry| Watch the session and get the slides

Regenerative Finance: How to Invest in the Future of Food | Watch the panel


Growing a Healthy Biz

 Innovating with Plants: How to Take Advantage of White Space in the Market | Watch the panel conversation

Small Giants: Understanding What it Takes to Grow a Great Company | Watch the session recording

Packaging Innovation: Understanding Emerging Technologies | Watch this panel session

From Infancy to Category Leaders: Founders Share Secrets for Success | Watch the panel conversation

The Road to Gender Parity: Supporting Women's Leadership for a Better Workplace | Watch the discussion and get the presentation


Additional Thursday Sessions

The State of the Natural Industry | Watch the session

Stock to Sell: How to Be a Better Buyer | Watch the session and download the presentation


Local Community Retail Lunch & Learn | Coming soon

Passion and Purpose in Your Retail Business with Zach Mercurio | Watch the inspirational talk

Founders Roundtable: Celebrating Retail's Part in the Natural Foods Revolution | Watch the roundtable

Deep Dive: Making Moves Toward Convenience and Foodservice | Listen to the conversation and sneak peek the new convenience concept

Next Generation Retail: Envisioning and Creating a new Future | Watch the roundtable


Friday Keynote: Jennifer Garner & John Foraker | Watch the keynote


Digital Marketing 

Using Influencer Marketing to Create and Engaged Community of Customers | Watch the session

Digital Storytelling to Save the World: How Your Business Can Have True Impact | Watch the panel and interactive session

Clicks to Bricks: Marketing to the Omni-Channel Shopper | See the presentation and download the slides


The Supplement Story 

The State of the Supplement Industry | Watch the session and get the slides

Tomorrow's Ingredients: A Forecast for What's NEXT | Watch the session and get the presentation

Beyond An Idea: How to Implement Transparency in Your Business | Watch the session and download the presentation

Optimizing Health Through Crisis with Supplements | Watch the session and get the slides

Technologies & Discoveries Driving Personalized Nutrition | Watch the presentation and download the slides


The Good Food Future 

Farm Bill 2018: What You Need to Know | Watch the panel

A New Frontier in Product Innovation: Whole Foods | Join the conversation

Trust, Transparency & Purity: Exploring Complex Biotech Issues in the Food & Nutrition Supply Chain | Watch the discussion

How to Develop a Strong Manufacturing Relationship & Why It's Important | Watch the recording


Saturday Morning Keynote: Anna Lappe | Watch the presentation and interview

Esca Bona Story Stage | Full program

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