Dietary Supplement Industry Auction Web Site Launched

Westwood, NJ (November 29, 2007) -- The supplements industry now has its own dedicated auction web site,, that lists for sale everything supplement specific, from equipment to bottles to ingredients. While the industry has long used existing auction web sites, this site is exclusive to the nutritional industry, and as such allows for more attention to industry issues.

The ingredients section features in-depth information on the offerings, such as country of origin, what kind of testing has been done, and the opportunity to upload a C of A. Industry experts have been consulted in the development of this section, which is modeled the SIDI project forms developed by industry to facilitate disclosure of ingredient quality. “The commoditizing of ingredients has raised a lot of concerns about quality, so we are making sure that buyers are have as much information as possible before bidding on raw materials,” said company founder Paul DeLalla.

The site also includes a section for health food channel retailers, who often buy and sell equipment such as peanut butter makers and juice extractors.

While is fully operational today, it will continually be revised based upon feedback to make sure it meets industry needs.

There is no fee to register on NutraNutra.Com. Minimal fees are charged for listings. is a member of the Natural Products Association.

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For More Information:
Suzanne Shelton
[email protected]

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