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DSM ROPUFA® 75-EE Dietary Supplements Preferred By Consumers In Study

(October 18, 2006, Las Vegas, Nevada) ROPUFA® 75-EE from DSM Nutritional Products, Inc. a concentrated form of Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA), has been shown to be more appealing to a core group of consumers in a study who found it had a significant advantage over other fish oil ingredients with a lower incidence of adverse side-effects. DSM proprietary technology minimizes the fishy aftertaste and diminishes the gastrointestinal distress commonly associated with other marine-based Omega-3 oils in capsule form.

During a 9-week double blind in-home use test, 150 subjects consumed five different fish oil capsules with a one-week washout period in between supplementation. Results from the study showed that higher percentages of the consumers who were tested “will definitely purchase” or “will probably purchase” ROPUFA® 75-EE versus competitive concentrates and the standard fish oil.

Higher potency DSM ROPUFA® 75-EE (ethyl ester) allows for more healthful heart benefits of Omega-3 compared to standard fish oils. ROPUFA® 75-EE delivers more EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), enabling dietary supplement manufacturers to achieve desired dosage using smaller capsules or to add more Omega-3 without affecting capsule size. Derived from cold water fish, ROPUFA® 75-EE uses a proprietary process to remove impurities. A patented antioxidant system allows for extended ambient shelf-life and offers batch-to-batch consistency.

DSM Nutritional Products is the world’s premier nutritional ingredient supplier to producers of foods, beverages and dietary supplements. The company has an international network of technical service, production and distribution facilities as well as sales and marketing presence in more than 100 countries. In addition to its vast ingredient portfolio, DSM provides unparalleled processing and manufacturing expertise in developing innovative formulations that provide optimum performance and health appeal in a broad range of supplement and food forms.

For more information, please visit us at the Supply Side West International Trade Show and Conference in Las Vegas at booth # 4029. Or contact DSM Nutritional Products, Inc. at 45 Waterview Boulevard, Parsippany, New Jersey, 07054-1293. Phone: 1-800-526-0189. Website:


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