Fenchem Offers Contract Manufacturing Service

Fenchem, a science-based company specialized in developing and manufacturing natural ingredients for nutrition supplements, in order to meet the demands of the fast-growing dietary supplement market, will offer contract manufacturing services to help our customers lower production costs.

We can do the entire process for our customer, from raw materials sourcing, producing, packaging to shipment delivery. Our products include soft capsules, hard capsules and tablets. We have a variety of specifications and shapes of the mold, and a variety of product formulations and processes to ensure product quality. We can also produce custom formulations. The quality and safety of our products are guaranteed by adherence to quality standards and the practices of GMP, HACCP and ISO certification.

We have a strong background for nutrition supplement and functional foods. Having raw material manufacturing capabilities allows us to control starting material quality and to provide our customers with a competitive price. Currently our company’s popular products include Fish oil softgel, CLA softgel, Natural Vitamin E or Multi-Vitamin softgel, SAM-e tablet, Multivitamins tablet and so on. In addition, we offer tailor-made multi-nutrients premixes for human supplements, dairy products and many other foods. Our products have been exported to the USA as well as to European clients.

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