L'Oreal And Nestlé Unveil Beauty Pill

Laboratoires INNEOV, the joint venture between cosmetics giant L'Oreal and food conglomerate Nestlé, has introduced its first product, a supplement for women over age 40.

The product, 'INNEOV Firmness', is targeted at women "concerned by the loss of cutaneous firmness" the company said, and delivers its benefits via a Nestlé-developed, patented lycopene ingredient formulated with vitamin C and soy isoflavones.

"Nestlé has improved the lycopene bioavailability by mixing lycopene with milk-specific proteins to help it go through the intestinal barrier to reach the skin," said communications manager Sabine Moreau. She said double-blind clinical trials backing the product's efficacy have been conducted on women in the relevant age group and will be published in peer-reviewed journals this summer.

Firmness will be sold exclusively in pharmacies in its launch markets of France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Germany and will carry a marginal price premium over other skin-care products such as Oil of Olay, Moreau said. Launches in Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Greece are planned for 2004.

Moreau said INNEOV's research and development department was working overtime to develop more bodycare products aimed at women of other ages as well as men. The company expects to launch two products per year.

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