Soft Gel Technologies, Inc.® Pairs Lyc-O-Mato® with CoQsol® for Heart Health

LOS ANGELES, CA, August 15, 2006–Soft Gel Technologies, Inc.® (SGTI®) introduces LyCoQ™, a complementary blend of ingredients that promotes optimal cardiovascular wellness. LyCoQ™ combines the antioxidant power of Lyc-O-Mato® whole tomato extract with the enhanced bioavailability of CoQsol® brand CoQ10 in a soft gelatin capsule. Lyc-O-Mato® whole tomato extract, standardized to 6% lycopene, provides a full spectrum of synergistic tomato carotenoids to optimize health. CoQsol® is supported by clinical trials that demonstrate its superior bioavailability when compared to dry CoQ10 in hard shell capsules. Together in one soft gel, this supplement benefits customers seeking a formula with two reputable brands for cardiovascular health.

SGTI® has aligned with LycoRed® to bring this powerful new complex to the dietary supplement industry. SGTI® is the exclusive soft gelatin encapsulator of LyCoQ™. Both branded ingredients are well-suited for a soft gel delivery system, providing antioxidant support.

SGTI® president Ron Udell remarked, “LyCoQ™ is a valuable addition to the portfolio of products available exclusively from SGTI®. We feel that the market will benefit from a cardiovascular compound whose ingredients have such a strong history of efficacy. This new product strengthens SGTI®’s position as a leading source for superior quality nutraceuticals. SGTI® is committed to providing the natural product industry with unique, effective products, and is partnering with strategic suppliers to facilitate this goal.”

About Soft Gel Technologies, Inc.®

Soft Gel Technologies, Inc.® is a leading contract manufacturer providing specialty soft gelatin encapsulation to the nutrition industry. SGTI®’s leading product is a patented highly bioavailable CoQ10 soft gel marketed as CoQsol®. Other key products include GlucoFit™, a banaba leaf extract for blood glucose management, and Injuv®, a low molecular weight hyaluronic acid for cosmeceutical and joint health applications. Soft Gel Technologies, Inc.® is a privately held company based in Los Angeles, CA.

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