Atlas World Clarification of Status of Claims for Agaricus Blazei Mushroom

TORRANCE, CA – Atlas World USA, the world’s leading supplier of Agaricus blazei mushroom dietary supplements, had announced that the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has approved health claims for Agaricus blazei mushroom on February 25, 2008. However, Atlas World USA withdrew the press release on February 26, 2008 when the company realized that health claims were not yet at that time approved by EFSA nor European Commission.

European foods and dietary supplement organizations including EHPM, ERNA, CIAA, and EBF have submitted health claims proposed for food or food components such as vitamins, botanicals and many others for EFSA review. EFSA will assess whether claims proposed are substantiated by scientific evidence. The approval for any health claim is given by the European Commission.

The health claims proposed for Agaricus blazei dietary supplements are: “Helps the natural defences/contributes to a normal immune response,” “helps the body to resist biologic insults,” “supports the immune system,” and “is rich in beta glucans that contributes to the immune activity.”

“On behalf of Atlas World USA, Inc, we misread the conclusion in the documents, believing that a qualified claim was approved,” explained Yori Takeda, COO of Atlas World USA. “We are very sorry for the mistake, and will continue working with the EFSA. We look forward to having more opportunities in sharing profound immune support benefits of Agaricus blazei mushroom with the European community in the future.”

Atlas World is the manufacturer of Agaricus Bio and Agaricus Ekismate products featuring certified organic Agaricus blazei mushroom. For more information and research, log onto

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