Ingredients industry chatter

Changing the game
"If we continue to play the game against cancer as we have for the last 50 years, the next 50 years are not going to get any better."

—Bharat Aggarwal, PhD, who spoke on the powerful anti-inflammatory effects of curcuminoids in the botanicals track

Weight of evidence
"There are 100 or more peer-reviewed articles a month in this area. You'd think there would be a little less criticism that we don't know what we're talking about.


— Jeffrey Blumberg, PhD, director of the Antioxidant Research Laboratory at Tufts University, who spoke in the antioxidants track

It's a no-brainer
"A diet that is good for your brain is also good for your heart … and your eyes … and the rest of you."

— Antioxidant expert Jim Joseph, PhD, who spoke in the anti-ageing track

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