Kemin Broadens Collaboration with AOA in Launching New Nutrition and Eye Health Initiatives

In an effort to intensify its aim of delivering vital nutrition and eye health information to optometrists and their patients, Kemin Health, producer of FloraGLO® brand Lutein, announces a series of new initiatives in partnership with the American Optometric Association (AOA).

These projects build upon the ongoing strength and success of such collaborations as Low Vision University™, a continuing education program instructing eye doctors in the latest research, practice methods, and nutritional regimens that can help maintain healthy eyes and aid individuals with chronic age-related eye diseases such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and cataracts.

As of today, the Kemin-AOA educational outreach extends not only to optometrists, but directly to patients and the general public, as well. To extend this outreach, Kemin has added a new Nutrients for Eye Health project. This program, which includes a mailing to over 20,000 AOA members, features printed educational materials for both doctors and patients, explaining at a glance which nutrients foster healthy eyes, along with the recommended daily intake of each. The project also features a PowerPoint presentation optometrists may use at no charge to help them communicate this important information to the public when speaking to consumer groups, at senior centers, health fairs, or other health-oriented venues and events.

In addition, Kemin is teaming up with the AOA to add practical, easy-to-use nutrition-related content to the AOA website, New nutrition pages will plainly describe for patients how they can use diet and supplements to nurture good vision and eye health. Down-to-earth guidance will include delicious recipes naturally rich in each beneficial nutrient, in a handy, email-able format. Optometrists, too, will discover something new — a clinically oriented Ocular Nutrition Library they can turn to in order to stay abreast of the ever-expanding array of research on this important topic.

By contributing a level of support unmatched by other lutein providers, Kemin seeks to advance the efforts of the AOA in providing trusted, science-backed information to patients and families affected by conditions such as AMD and cataracts. And this support extends to healthy patients, as well, who routinely look to optometrists as the primary source of guidance on how to take good care of their eyes. New research shows that 10 mg of lutein per day improves visual performance in AMD patients, cataract patients, and individuals with good eye health. Lutein is also linked to reducing the risk of certain eye diseases.

Kemin's FloraGLO® Lutein ( is a unique, patented lutein ingredient brand used worldwide by more researchers and leading supplement brands than any other. FloraGLO is used in more clinical trials than any other brand, making it one of the most trusted lutein sources. This trust is likely the result of Kemin's reputation for rigid quality production standards and supply chain management, 100% traceability, and safety and quality reviews.

According to Kemin Global Marketing Director, Andy Martin, "The AOA and its member optometrists are the front line in delivering eye care and eye health information, so we are pleased to be working with them on these projects. Thanks to their efforts, more people than ever before will understand the critical role nutrition plays in good eye health."

Kemin® – Inspired Molecular Solutions™.

Founded in 1961, Kemin Industries, Inc. ( provides health and nutritional solutions to the agrifoods, food ingredients, pet food and human health and pharmaceutical industries. Kemin operates in more than 60 countries with manufacturing facilities in Belgium, Brazil, China, India, Singapore, South Africa, and the United States.

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