Pink Penguin Press Invites Industry to Help Fight Breast Cancer, Educate Consumers

St. Petersburg, FL (August 24, 2006) -- Emerging from the vast flock of marching penguins, a new bird has hit the scene—this one PINK and carrying with it a bold mission. Pink Penguin Press, a non-profit organization, was recently founded to be the voice for the natural products industry’s fight against Breast Cancer. With the support of natural product manufacturers and retailers, and in harmony with the healthy lifestyle mission of the natural products industry, Pink Penguin Press strives to educate and advocate about the importance of lifestyle factors—diet, exercise, nutrition, environment—in disease prevention. Their philosophy is that self-education and lifestyle awareness are the foundations to great health, and the beginning to the end of Breast Cancer.

Pink Penguin Press’s initial funding has been provided by Ribbon Nutrition (, a new supplement company created to provide funding to various Breast Cancer and environmentally-oriented non-profit organizations. As a part of their mission to end Breast Cancer, the company donates up to ten percent of their total revenue. The founders of Ribbon Nutrition took their “Newman-esque” concept to new heights by creating their company specifically to help establish a natural lifestyle and education-focused non-profit, Pink Penguin Press. With Breast Cancer Awareness Month fast approaching in October, Pink Penguin Press is now reaching out to the rest of the natural products industry to be a part of their mission, while encouraging the industry to return to its activist roots.

One of Pink Penguin Press’s primary objectives is outreach. To that end, Pink Penguin Press has created a new natural lifestyle magazine called inPink, a regional newspaper called the Penguin Gazette, and a Breast Self Exam Reminder system and prevention e-newsletter, called Life Saving Email ( inPink just launched with a special preview issue this month, which will be followed by the Fall Premiere Issue in October. inPink combines articles and information on Breast Cancer with inspiring survivor stories, diet and nutrition advice, and healthy lifestyle tips.

The distribution of inPink Magazine will be unique among health magazines in that it will include health food stores, alternative and conventional clinics and hospitals, breast cancer walks and runs, community health events, consumer health expos, and other non-profit organizations. Pink Penguin Press will celebrate the launch of the magazine with “inPink Premiere Parties” this Fall. Benefit parties are already planned for St. Petersburg, FL, Denver, CO, Seattle, WA, and Atlanta, GA.

The Penguin Gazette has the same general theme as inPink, but also includes city and region specific information and advertising. Life Saving Email takes a similar approach, but in the form of a monthly e-newsletter containing instructions for a Breast Self Exam and educational articles on Breast Cancer, nutritionals, and other lifestyle factors. These outreach vehicles are not just intended for the natural products industry, but are especially designed to reach new consumers with the healthy lifestyle message of the industry.

Says Pink Penguin Press co-founder Stephen Hennessy, “Breast Cancer is unique in that it has fewer genetic ties than many other forms of cancer, indicating that it is frequently triggered by external factors. Since the 1930s, the incidence of Breast Cancer has increased dramatically. At the same time, our food quality, dietary choices, and exercise patterns have all declined while our exposure to toxic chemicals in our personal care and household products and in our environment as a whole have increased dramatically. As a society we’ve created this problem. As a mission-driven industry, the natural product industry can and should be a large part of the solution.”

To find out more about Pink Penguin Press and how you can get involved or to request a copy of the inPink Magazine preview, please contact the founders directly at 800-647-5048 X 703 or email [email protected] or [email protected].

To view a PDF of the Preview Issue of inPink, visit

To view a demo of Life Saving Email, visit

Breast Cancer Facts:
* In 1940, a woman’s lifetime risk of Breast Cancer was one in 22. Today, it’s one in seven and rising.
* Breast Cancer now strikes more women in the world than any other type of cancer.
*An estimated 3 million women in the United States today are living with Breast Cancer. Two million have been diagnosed with the disease and one million have the disease but do not know it yet.
*Breast Cancer is the leading cause of cancer death among U.S. women aged 20 to 59.
*Breast Cancer incidence in MEN has increased 25 percent over the past 25 years.

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