Symrise Offers Aldehyde-free Vanillin Alternatives

Up to now, vanilla flavors and flavors containing vanilla have not been compatible with healthcare product formulations since they often contain actives that may react with aldehydes. But all that has changed with Symrise’s latest addition to their well-established vanilla expertise. Manufacturers of a wide range of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products can now turn to Symrise for aldehyde-free vanillin flavors.

Emmanuel Laroche, Vice President Marketing Services & Sensory Consumer Science North America, explained, ”Adverse reactions with aldehydes, such as browning and enzyme inactivation, need no longer be a formulating concern for our customers. It’s logical that Symrise, with our long tradition of vanilla expertise, would be able to combine specialized technology, extensive analysis capabilities with the scientific and creative competencies of the Symrise team of vanilla flavor chemists to find the solution to this challenge.”

Balanced, authentic taste without vanillin
Donna Rosa, Category Director, Healthcare and Confectionery, said “Our aldehyde-free vanillin alternatives do not contain vanillin yet they provide a nice, balanced vanilla taste that had previously been difficult to achieve without vanillin. Our aldehyde-free vanillin alternatives are a boon to innovators of healthcare products who want to launch line extensions that feature vanilla tastes that previously eluded them. Since vanilla is a background note used in other flavors such as chocolate and caramel, this new line enables a whole range of flavors that allow healthcare manufacturers to differentiate their products. Combinations such as fruit/vanilla, vanilla mint and fruit/cream are now feasible. We’re enthusiastic that we can now have vanilla flavors with interesting, complex tastes that surpass the familiar, traditional limitations of simple fruit and mint tastes commonly associated with healthcare products. We’re convinced that we can liven up OTC and functional products, and make flavor offerings much more appealing to consumers.”

When asked about typical applications for Symrise’s vanilla aldehyde-free vanillin alternatives, Ms Rosa said they are suited to tablets, bars, syrups, suspensions, lozenges, beverages, powder mixes and thin films. And, she added that they come in liquid and dry forms and have a low usage rate.

‘Inspiring more’ with aldehyde-free vanilla alternatives, part of Symrise’s Simply Vanilla portfolio
Mr. Laroche concluded, “In keeping with the Symrise pledge of “always inspiring more”, the possibilities of our aldehyde-free vanillin alternatives are endless. Our aldehyde-free vanillin alternatives are part of an extensive array of the Symrise Simply Vanilla portfolio, a competency that reflects the company’s leadership in this key flavor area. This recent innovation is an addition to our vast assembly of vanilla products that range from natural vanilla extract to specialty vanilla compounded flavors.”

Mr. Laroche cited the fact that Symrise’s company roots are traced to the original patent for synthesized vanillin in 1874, stating, “Our vanilla and vanillin expertise is further enhanced by our vanilla facility in Madagascar where we extract our vanilla creations from vanilla beans which are harvested right at the source. Our flavorists have direct access to the finest raw materials, modifying and top noting our products with the subtleties and nuances that distinguish natural vanilla tastes. We have managed to create aldehyde-free vanillin alternatives, a significant breakthrough in vanilla flavor development.”

He concluded that Symrise technical and marketing professionals can assist pharmaceutical and healthcare manufacturers in the creation of customized formulations.

About Symrise
Symrise is a global supplier of fragrances, flavorings and raw materials and active ingredients for the perfume, cosmetics and food industry.
Its sales of €1.27 billion in 2007 place the company among the top four in the international flavors and fragrances market. Headquartered in Holzminden, Germany, Symrise is represented in more than 30 countries in Europe, Asia, the United States and South America.
With more than 40 first patent applications per year, Symrise is one of the most innovative manufacturers on the market. Used by manufacturers of perfumes, cosmetics and foods, our products are an inseparable part of daily life. At Symrise we combine an awareness of consumer trends with cutting-edge technologies, focusing on innovative fashion and lifestyle products that have additional practical value for the consumer. Symrise – always inspiring more…
Contact: Emmanuel Laroche, Symrise, Tel.: 201-462-2389 Email: [email protected] or
Donna Rosa, Symrise, Tel.: 201-462-5637 Email: [email protected]

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