Eye Health Potential Shown in New GliSODin® Supplement Study. Benefits for AMD?

PL Thomas (PLT) and its partner Isocell (Paris, France) today announced the results of a new study using the exclusive dietary supplement ingredient, GliSODin®, demonstrating significant protection against induced oxidative stress and retinal tissues in an animal model. In this study, GliSODin supplementation limited retinal oxidative stress and improved plasma antioxidant status.

Oxidative stress from reactive oxygen species has been implicated in many health issues and may play an important role in Age-related Macular Degeneration by negatively targeting the pigment cell layer that nourishes the retinal cells.

Presented at the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) Eye Research Conference and now available online at Investigational Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences, researchers at the Eye and Nutrition Research Group, National Institute for Research on Agronomy (Dijon, France) evaluated the protective effect of the dietary supplement GliSODin.

http://abstracts.iovs.org/cgi/content/abstract/47/5/2089 : < http://www.icebase.com/go.shtml?20061115131658237820&m3141&http://abstracts.iovs.org/cgi/content/abstract/47/5/2089 > .This research was independent and the researchers have no affiliation with PLT or Isocell.

The researchers induced oxidative stress in a recognized model using light exposure to the eyes once each month for three months. Prior to the third exposure, GliSODin (10.8mg/kg) or placebo were administered for seven days. Retinal response, levels of induced oxidants in eye tissues and blood anti-oxidant levels were measured.

In this study, light exposure did not demonstrate a significant difference between the active and control groups as measured by retinal degeneration. However, blood antioxidant capacity was increased by 30% in the GliSODin group. Further, cell oxidant levels, measured by the potent oxidant superoxide anion, were increased by up to 50% in retinal cell layer and by 300% in the outer nuclear layer in all light exposed animals compared to control (P The researchers concluded that light-exposure promotes retinal oxidative stress while GliSODin supplementation efficiently limits retinal oxidative stress by increasing plasma antioxidant capacity.

Previous published human and laboratory studies have shown GliSODin's effectiveness in protecting cells from oxidative stress by activating the body's production of its own antioxidants, including SOD, catalase and glutathione peroxidase.* More information is available at the research site

www.glisodin.org : < http://www.icebase.com/go.shtml?20061115131658237820&m3141&http://www.glisodin.org > .

This "internal antioxidant defense system" is necessary for the elimination of the free radicals produced by oxidative stress, resulting in tangible health benefits, including helping protect cellular DNA from oxidative stress, inhibit photo-oxidative stress in the sun-sensitive, inhibit lactic acid accumulation under exercise, help restore normal levels of SOD, and positively affect other significant markers of oxidative stress.

About GliSODin

GliSODin® is patented and trademarked by Isocell, Paris, France. It is available in North America as a nutritional raw material exclusively from PL Thomas & Co., Morristown, NJ. Numerous in vivo and human studies support the use of GliSODin in nutritional applications

About PLT

P.L. Thomas & Co., Inc., a New Jersey-based ingredient supplier, offers fifty years of innovation in securing reliable, high quality raw materials for the food/functional food and nutrition industries.

For more information, please contact PL Thomas: phone: 973-984-0900, fax: 973-984-5666, e-mail: [email protected] or

www.plthomas.com : < http://www.icebase.com/go.shtml?20061115131658237820&m3141&http://www.plthomas.com >

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