Human Clinical Study Confirms Frutarom’s Neuravena® Enhances Mental Fitness and Stress Resistance

North Bergen, New Jersey, July 24, 2008 – Laurent Leduc, Vice President, Health Division, Frutarom USA Inc., announces that successful in-vitro and animal trials have demonstrated that Frutarom’s Neuravena® (EFLA® 955) wild green oat extract has a significant, positive effect on brain activity, enhancing mental fitness and stress resistance.

“While previous animal studies have shown the beneficial effects of Neuravena® on mental performance, such as concentration, learning ability and alertness, a recent human clinical study, conducted in Germany according to Good Clinical Practice (GCP), has taken us a substantial step further in establishing the positive impact of Neuravena® on mental fitness and cognitive performance,” said Mr. Leduc.

Jocelyn Mathern, M.S., R.D., Frutarom’s Technical Health Manager, reported that twenty healthy men and women between the ages of 38 and 53 participated in the randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover clinical study. She said that a single dose of 2500 mg of Neuravena or a placebo was administered.

Mrs. Mathern stated, “Over a four hour period, the subjects’ baseline brain activity signals were recorded and analyzed. Brain activity was also measured while the subjects were exposed to mental pressure during a concentration stress test.”

Mrs. Mathern explained that in the study, each frequency range characterized the activity of specific signaling substances in the brain and in different brain regions as related to certain tasks (such as cognition). The study monitored the overall pattern of brain activity, finding that Neuravena® influenced changes in human behavior.

Changes in brain activity

Brain activity of participants was found to be significantly changed by Neuravena®. A considerable decrease in delta and theta wave activity was observed, particularly in brain regions closely connected to cognitive performance. In addition, alpha2 wave activity increased. These changes were also related to improved concentration, learning, memory and stimulating properties.

Mrs. Mathern said, “The study demonstrated that Neuravena® improves overall mental fitness in everyday life and can help to avoid dips in cognitive performance during the course of the day. Furthermore, electrical brain activity during the concentration stress test was significantly increased for both theta and delta waves in the Neuravena® group. This finding confirms that Neuravena® positively influences brain activity under pressure and may help to improve concentration, learning and alertness during stressful situations.”

Neuravena®: Folk medicine backed up by science

Wild green oat has been traditionally recognized for its positive effects on mental fitness, and now, Frutarom has scientifically substantiated these effects for Neuravena®, a nutraceutical ingredient that is produced by Frutarom through a proprietary process.

“It all begins with the selection of superior raw materials,” stated Mr. Leduc. He explained that Frutarom uses a bioassay-guided development approach. The raw material used to manufacture the extract is scientifically selected from dozens of green oat varieties based on their superior bioactivity. A proprietary process technology, as well as contract cultivation of the scientifically selected raw material, ensures the uniqueness of Neuravena®.

Helping consumers overcome the stress of daily life

Mr. Leduc concluded, “Due to its strengthening and balancing effects on the brain, Neuravena® has great potential, offering lucrative opportunities for nutraceuticals and functional foods targeted to consumers seeking cognitive support and stress coping benefits. Working professionals, teenagers preparing for exams and ageing baby boomers are all challenged by stressful situations and stand to benefit from Neuravena®. Across these demographic profiles, consumers are looking for products that will help them perform at maximum efficiency. As they age, they want to stay active and sharp-minded. When they turn to Neuravena® in the form of tablets, capsules, instant drinks or other beverages, many consumers may find the mental support that they are looking for in their daily lives to cope with the pressures of today’s stressful world.”

As with other extracts in Frutarom’s EFLA® Line, Neuravena® is manufactured using Frutarom’s highly selective, proprietary process technology EFLA®HyperPure. This ensures a high degree of purity, solubility and improved stability.

For more information about Neuravena® and other nutritional products and ingredients, please feel free to contact Frutarom at 201-861-9500, or Maria Garvey, Delfino Marketing at 914-747-1400 or via e-mail at [email protected]

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