Olympic triathlete depends on ribose for sustained energy

Olympic triathlete depends on ribose for sustained energy

For Olympic hopeful and championship triathlete Laura Bennett, sustained energy is the name of the game. Critical training sessions can't get put off if she's feeling less pep in her step, and an energy lag in the last leg of a race will mean the difference between victory and defeat. Bennett talks about what supplements help her perform at her best.

Laura Bennett is already one of the world’s most accomplished triathletes. Born in North Palm Beach, Fla., she was a champion runner in that state in high school and hasn’t slowed down since. She’s a four-time World Championships medalist and competed in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, coming in fourth place.

This year she’s headed back, to London this time, and intends to win a medal. She and her husband and fellow champion triathlete Greg Bennett are a familiar sight running the trails of Boulder, Colo., on any given day. And you don’t have to know their story to look at this incredible couple and see Olympic victory.

We had the opportunity to talk to Laura about her nutrition and supplement routine. Like fellow U.S. Olympian Susan Francia she’s a big fan of the sustained energy she gets from ribose. Bennett is sponsored by BioEnergy Ribose.

Functional Ingredients: When did you start using supplements?  What were some of the first supplements you used?

Laura Bennett: I am not religious on supplements. If I feel I have a deficiency then I supplement. BioEnergy Ribose crosses two planes for me—keeping my energy sustained and good for my overall health. Therefore, it has been my most consistent supplement.

Fi: What do you think are the advantages of supplementation?

LB: I think it can be helpful if there are deficiencies in our everyday diets. It is a basic way to get the vitamin and minerals you need without sacrificing your need macronutrient wise.
Fi: What kind of supplements (including ribose) do you use now?

LB: I use iron, because we live at altitude and my iron levels are compromised.
Fi: What sort of energy bars/gels/drinks/goos do you prefer?

LB: I use GU products for in session nutrition.
Fi: How has ribose helped you?  

LB: When used consistently, ribose is fantastic at keeping my battery running throughout the day. We often split our sessions into two in the morning and one in the afternoon. Before using ribose we would notice a lull in our energy heading into the afternoon session. Now those sessions don't seem overwhelming; they’re much more doable.
Fi: Do you mix it in your water bottles?

LB: I use it in my coffee in the morning, in my recovery shakes after sessions, and before bed to help my muscles relax.
Fi: How much do you take?

LB: I usually take between 15g and 20g a day divided up around my sessions.

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